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SAP Calculation

What Are The Tips To Follow When Hiring A SAP Calculation Consultant


The Standard Assessment Procedure or SAP calculation is a requirement given by the law for newly constructed residential buildings like apartments. If a building meant for residential use does not carry out SAP calculations then the owner of the said building will be fined and worst, the property can be confiscated by the government. 

To avoid such situations, hiring an experienced and trustworthy calculations consultant is highly advised. Listed below are some things to consider when hiring one.

Keep up with SAP updates

Attend training sessions and conferences related to SAP and be an active part of the online SAP community to keep up with the latest trends. When looking for an SAP calculations new build consultant, know which skills are necessary to properly complete the project would give you an easier time choosing a consultant to hire.



Ensure they have adequate experience. Running background checks on your potential SAP calculations building regulations consultant is recommended. Check their previous projects and organisations to truly verify their claims. An experienced consultant is easy to spot when you see them answering questions on SAP fluently. 




You can use online skill assessment tools to test your SAP calculations building regulations candidate. Doing so will help you know whether they have the necessary SAP skills. To assess, all you have to do is know what skills to look for. In case you lack the subject matter expertise and find it difficult to select the skills that need to be assessed, you can always bring an IT person from your team on board and prepare an assessment. 


Always check references

Even without reference checks, numerous energy consultants still get hired. You should always check the references for any new consultant, even from a preferred vendor, as there are too many consultants in the industry who don’t have the necessary skills to be successful. If you don’t hear back from the references, then that should be a red flag: most of the time, customers are happy to give references to good consultants. 


Find someone focused on your needs

Many energy consultants get stuck in a certain model or “intervention” and try to make problems fit their preconceived solutions. You need to make sure that the consultant you’ll be hiring would create a custom design for your project. During your first meeting, a good coach/consultant should interview you. They should ask questions about your business, your requirements, and your expected outcomes. They should not spend their first meeting deluging you with stories of past contracts and clients. 

Check for their approach and style

When interviewing potential energy consultants, try to figure out what their approach and style will be and whether it will work well within your company’s way of doing business. You and your potential SAP calculation consultant need to cooperate properly to ensure the desired results are met. Do you think the consultant will take the necessary time to understand the calculations you need? Will the consultant offer you an individually tailored solution instead of one of his or her company’s standard solutions?

Consider their knowledge

The energy consultant’s experience working with similar companies within your sector may have a lot of bearing here. To know how far your potential SAP calculations new build consultant can go, simply talk to them. Remember the reason you are looking for outside help instead of internally in the first place. The consultant shouldn’t be expected to know everything about your business, but he or she should have the proper amount of general technical knowledge needed to properly assess the issues your business is having.

Be prepared to manage the relationship

Like all working people, energy consultants can perform better in their work if you provide good feedback and guide them well. Don’t just hire the consultant and ignore the contract. Treat your consultant as a partner. This will result in your consultant being more generous with their experiences, objectivity, and expertise. Pay your consultant as agreed upon. Nothing sours a relationship like bad money mojo.

Formulate a clear brief

When you first meet your potential consulting partner, be very clear about your business objectives, timeframes and desired outcomes. You should treat your potential consultant like how you treat your doctor. Fill them in with everything they need to know and understand about your company, including the problems. Do not leave out the details you consider insignificant as they might offer the consultant deeper insights into the problem that help them solve it more efficiently. 

SAP calculation can only be done on residential buildings which are required by the law. As it is, proper energy calculations consultants must be employed by companies that are starting a project about constructing new buildings like houses and apartments. This is to make sure they won’t get prosecuted by the law. Don’t worry because the several tips given above will help you with your searching journey. So make sure that you make good use of it. By doing so, you can guarantee that you will find the best professional who has your best interests in mind.